Monday, December 15, 2014

Missy Piggy Returns!

Abracadabra!! And the missing Missy Piggy is back!

I've been away for a little while now and partly because of work and partly because.... *Drums rolls....*

Because I have been swept off my feet by a lovely gentleman.

It wasn't love at first sight (I've actually known him for more than 3 years now)
But he certainly caught my attention when I least expected.

So I recently revisited and ranked Mr Ace with Love Hack Matrix.
And he scored at a 90+ percentile and no one has ever... I mean seriously no one EVER came up at such a high score.

Thank you Mr Ace. Thank you for being amazing, charming and intriguing.
Thank you for discovering me and embarking on this journey together.

You are awesome.

Missy Piggy

Monday, August 11, 2014

What Does He Want? Now What?

So just like most people, getting into a relationship doesn't always mean boom-bam, fireworks, instant butterflies in your stomach and sweeping you off your feet. Sometimes things can be so draggggggyyyyy that you don't even know what stage or what else you should be doing next....

I know Mr T. for must have been around 8 years now. So we started off awkwardly as online friends (we knew each other from Friendster *roll eyes I know*), party friends. He always took good care of me even when I drink myself silly and made sure he sent me back home safely. So over the years we have been in and out of our own relationships but me and Mr T. never got together as a couple despite we did indicate interests towards each other.

Now... This is an interesting situation. We've known each other for a pretty good number of years now. Even though we don't meet up often. We kinda know each other reasonably well by now. (have 1 or 2 kids, travel and be nerdy together) I know I can be in my comfy tee + shorts, messy hair and really just be myself infront of Mr T. He's very geeky and eccentric in his own sense. I kinda find that cute. I remember accompanying Mr T. to shop for fresh towels and toiletries for his then girlfriend who's visiting Singapore and I thought that's really sweet of him.

Sounds like a fairytale in the making so far? Here comes the BUT................

This fella is in a long distance relationship with a Malaysian lady. So he's attached, still indicating interest(?!) and pretty much an arse in my humble opinion. So now what? Drop and ignore him?

Random ramblings.... If it's meant to be, it's meant to be.... I'm not even sure what triggered me to write this article... Perhaps I should stop asking myself and put this into another perspective. Now Mr T., what do you want?

Missy Piggy

PS: A funny article on he's just NOT that into you -

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Where to Get to Know Guys (and Ladies) in Singapore

Gone were the days where we smile ourselves silly at your auntie's friend's son in the same kampong or arranged marriages. The world of dating has evolved from our parents' era and the complexity has certainly gone up a few notches.

How do we actually get to know new friends NOW? Let's take a look at two main categories.

Non Conventional

Leveraging on technology, we now have -

1) Modern dating platforms such as, Singaporelovelinks and Tinder etc etc. Read my review and comparison here. It will give you the most reach in the shortest time frame but IMHO also requires the most effort to sieve thru to get to know genuine potentials.

2) Facilitated dating events -, private dating agencies. SDN Singapore has an updated list of events with all registered agencies here. You can also read up on my experience in My First Dating Event.

I am interested to be the "wingwoman" for Mr CMate and to attend some of the upcoming events. I think we all need to just get ourselves out of our comfort zone to meet people face to face. The meetup groups that appealed to me are Singapore International Globetrotters Club, The movie club and a few more interesting groups.


Without reinventing the wheel, how about some good old ways to know new friends?

1) Introduction by friends/family. Old school and the most straightforward. But I think my family and friends has already ran out of options?

2) Spiritual or shared interest/hobby groups. That cute dude in church, that tall bloke in painting class. What are you still waiting for? Go nudge your friend to get you guys introduced to each other or flash your million dollars smile when your eyes meet. Aww...

3) Getting yourself out there.... East Coast Park, Starbucks, supermarket, museum, bar,  clubs, concert. Anywhere outta your comfy house! You never know if fate is just around the corner. So stop getting addicted to your Korean tv series or hiding at home and just GET YOUR LAZY ARSE OUT THERE!

P.S. I'm gonna dress up and hang out with my girl friend this Friday for our once in a blue moon girls' night out. Time to let our hair down, chillax and party at a nice bar in town!

Missy Piggy

Saturday, July 12, 2014

My First Dating Event

Yeap! I have survived my first dating event!
It is an event organized by Love Express, Make an Ice Cream, Make a Friend that's held in Udders.

The organizer greeted me warmly, handled over a name list of the dudes and a list of ten name card size tear off slips for me to put in my details for distribution to my potential new friends. The ladies were seated on one side of the table and gentlemen will rotate from table after table during the event.

We have around 18 guys and 20 ladies. Most of the guys are around their early to mid thirties and a few pretty young college students around 22-25. I noticed a pretty balanced age group with us ladies around late twenties to mid thirties and a few sweet young things.

So a quick ice breaking session to mingle with everyone. I was slightly shy at the beginning but quickly ease into having some pretty interesting conversations and there were quite a few cool characters. Of course there were a handful of awkward moments where it just doesn't click and I have to tactfully excuse myself. I observed a number of engineers and accountants among the group. One lad made an impression during ice breaking when he shared about his round trip in Europe and I thought that was pretty cool.

Then the lovely Udders staff had a quick quiz session with vouchers giveaway and demonstrated to us how to make ice cream with simple things you can find around the house. I partnered with my buddy who was sitting across the table and we made chocolate vanilla bean ice cream successfully. No sweat so far.

The event costed $59 bucks and includes an ice cream buffet. It's just not the usual to chow down big quantity of sweets so early in the day so most of us had a few scoops and guys rotation plus chit chats on full swing. At the end of the day I received 5 (or 6?) name cards and gave away a few in return.

One brave soul gathered a few of us for lunch and we actually had a pretty lovely afternoon. I shared my dating stories over pizzas and added a few cute ladies onto my Facebook.

So was it worth it you ask me? Hmm............ Actually it was quite fun :) But the price tag (which I could have spent on a pretty high end lunch) was slightly costly. I don't mind joining one of the upcoming karaoke event.

Yay! Achievement unlocked!

Missy Piggy

Update: So after a few days post event, are you curious about the effectiveness of this event? I kinda expected that I wouldn't get much guys contacting me but hey! One brave dude did text me on WhatsApp and added me on Facebook. So overall, it's not a kamikaze game over and positive start don't you think? :D 

Friday, July 11, 2014

How to Tell if a Guy is Interested in You?

If you have been following my blog since the beginning, you will have noticed that I have been focusing a lot about me on finding out what I want for myself and how to be a better person in life.

But now hang on a second....! Before we start to evaluate if a guy is potential material (read Love Hack part 1 and part 2), shouldn't we focus on the other party and find out some clues if he is even interested in the first place?

There is this cute guy who reappeared recently and let's call him Mr Law for now. He's slightly younger than me, with a progressive career path and is just very adorable. I find him surprisingly humble given that I have seen so many snorts in his field of profession.

We first met up in a coffee session as he works nearby my office and caught up again over lunch. We shared quite a lot about our experiences in our dates but seems to shy away from anything that's beyond platonic between us.

So I saw his Facebook on his recent travels and managed to catch up again on our recent happenings. We spoke about attending dating events together and being each other "wingman". Then we also joke about escaping the event together if it's boring or if there's no good potentials. Ah... how cute is that?

Let's do a quick Love Hack scoring for Mr Law now...  Ah.... Sweet... I think I'm a bit bias towards Mr Law and he got a decent score of 412. *Me grins* I was also doing a quick read up on articles and articles on finding out clues on how to find out if a guy is interested in you. Oh boy... There are some pretty hardcore and long winded tips out there but I think I will like to zoom down to the major big 3.
1. Communication
He will be talking to you a lot! Text messaging, Facebook and even phone calls. Very often if a guy is interested in you, he will be communicating very or fairly frequently. He remembers the tiny details that you briefly mentioned or things that you don't even remember talking about previously. He wants to know you better, he tells you about himself, he compliments you and shares his listening ear when needed.

2. Asking You Out
He will be sourcing for pretty much all kind of opportunities to ask you out and to see you in person. I have a guy friend who even want to tag along for dinner with me and my Mum! This is him wanting to see you to increase his opportunity to get to know you better.

P.S. Mr Law just asked me out for lunch today.

3. Body Language and Behavior
He looks at you a lot, mirrors your body language, give his best attempt in charming you by putting up his best behavior, groom himself (oh no, Mr Law says he's meeting me in his bermudas and singlet today :/), listens to you attentively, display interest in the things you do (even when he know nuts about it) and the most obvious hint will be teasing you in a friendly manner.

I always believe that when a guy is genuinely interested in you, he will be sending off signals that's so strong you can even detect from Mars. So now, the usual skeptical me says Mr Law is probably in his exploration phase and of course there's no harm getting to know one more friend! So relax, have fun and enjoy the time together! (Tomorrow we will be going singing!) You never know!!

Missy Piggy

Thursday, July 10, 2014

36 Thank You Messages For Your Every Day Prince Charming

 Very often we forget to display our gratitude. Here's a note-to-self posting for my future prince charming. :)
Though they may be slaying the spider in the bathtub instead of dragons, you know what it means to have found someone who saves you in little ways each day. Even princes need a few reminders that they are appreciated.
  1. Thank you for apologizing when I'm too stubborn to do so.
  2. Thank you for taking situations that I come to you all frazzled and worked up about, and laying them out for me in this wonderful, logical, guy way that makes everything more clear.
  3. Thank you for all of the dorky pictures I make you take with me, and then for not complaining when I post them all over social media for every one of your friends to most likely see.
  4. Thank you for bear hugs, forehead kisses, and piggy back rides.
  5. Thank you for knowing when to set me straight, and for telling me when you think I'm wrong.
  6. Thank you for listening to me and my occasional rants.
  7. Thank you for making me laugh when I need it most.
  8. Thank you for loving my body the way it is, for never making me feel inadequate, but rather perfect for who I am.
  9. Thank you for the little things that you do, like getting the car when it's cold or rainy.
  10. Thank you for the moments you make it clear that you are proud of me. Whether it's a big grin after I've done something impressive or the way you present me to others like royalty, it means so much to me.
  11. Thank you for every time you have to sit patiently and wait for me to get ready.
  12. Thank you for being on my side when it feels like no one else is.
  13. Thank you for the times you have went out of your way to do something romantic or sentimental because you knew it would mean the world to me.
  14. Thank you also for the times those attempts ended up being more comical than anything for the both of us. The fact that you try is romantic enough, and if I ended the night laughing with you, it was a perfect one regardless.
  15. Thank you for making me feel safe.
  16. Thank you for vocalizing your opinions to me, and not being afraid to disagree.
  17. Thank you for taking time to learn about and experience the things that I enjoy.
  18. Thank you for being responsible and hardworking day in and day out.
  19. Thank you for earning my trust and never misusing it.
  20. Thank you for supporting me and my dreams, and never trying to hold me back from what I want in life.
  21. Thank you for your patience on my moody days.
  22. Thank you for knowing what's upsetting me before I even have to say anything.
  23. Thank you for every time you had to venture into the foreign world of a jewelry store or women's clothing store to try to hunt down a gift for me.
  24. Thank you for wanting to experience new things together and for expanding my horizons.
  25. Thank you for the wonderful time we spend with our families.
  26. Thank you for sitting through countless chick flicks and girl dramas.
  27. Thank you for being my number one confidant. You are my ultimate secret keeper.
  28. Thank you for trusting me.
  29. Thank you for the little ways that you help me every day. Even the most minor of tasks or chores done just for the sake of helping me do not go unnoticed.
  30. Thank you treating me respectfully at all times.
  31. Thank you for all of the lazy days we spend just being best friends. Snacks, Netflix, and cuddling with you are ingredients to some of my favorite days.
  32. Thank you for being vulnerable and open to me. I know as a man that can be very difficult to do, but it's developed a closeness that I value each moment I spend with you.
  33. Thank you for being the one that sometimes gets the backlash of the harm that others cause. I know when I have a rough day; you often have to deal with my crankiness. For that, you are a saint.
  34. Thank you for that look in your eyes that reminds me that I am yours. It reminds me of my connection with you, and that through it all, you really and truly see me.
  35. Thank you for being the kind of man who does all of these things without a second thought. Thank you for being a man who doesn't require any kind of praise or gratitude for being a caring and trustworthy best friend to me.
  36. Thank you for knowing that even if I don't always say it, I'm incredibly grateful for my handsome prince. Because with that big smile and heart of gold, you take down all of life's witches and dragons.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Love Hack - How I Hack My Way Into Finding Love (Part 2)

In Love Hack Part 2, it is now the time to do some ranking out of the list of 50 traits of What are you looking for in a mate.

First step will involve ranking them to three different categories:

  • Mandatory - Die die must have (10 points)
  • Essential - Good to have (5 points)
  • Negligible - Don't have also ok(1 points)
After my first attempt in ranking the 50 traits, I realized I have placed a whole chunk of  29 characteristics into the first mandatory category. Oh boy, I am demanding I thought to myself.

So to be more realistic, another category "deal breaker" will help to determine the first and most important benchmark. This category will have the most points (50 points) and will certainly make or break the possibilities of a potential date.

Version 1 now looks like this:
Right click, view image or click here to see full table.

The total possible score is 805. With a mean score of 402.5, I think the average score 400 serves as a good benchmark to qualifies as a potential. Of course the spreadsheet can be revisited when you get to know the person better overtime.

Let's proceed with some sample checks.

Mr Geek is an ex colleague and friend for years now. He semi unwillingly surrender himself as my first guinea pig. Has a sense of humor checked, respectful checked, honesty checked. Final score of 301. Hmm, as a platonic friend, I think that result is fairly reasonable.

Mr NYPD, actually someone I knew from LAX airport when I was transiting to Houston. We still kept in touch till now but he is physically FAR FAR AWAY from Singapore. Based on my understanding, he is positive, confident, passionate, improves his physical health, knows the importance of family. Final score: 434. Should I deduct score because he is not physically in the same country as me and I don't see ourselves being in the same country anytime soon? Oh well, he's cute. :P

Mr Green. I've actually known Mr Green for more than 8 years now. We don't meet very often but we did express interest to each other back then. Surprisingly his score is only around 367. Maybe, the numbers do speak some truth.

Mr Southie has been a friend for at least 3 years? He is currently not physically in Singapore as he travels a lot for work. Another surprise that he scored 416 which is above the mean score. Do I see myself being with him? I actually don't think so. Note to self, a pinch of salt here.

Mr Classmate for the final testing and to make sure the system works alright. And fair enough, his final score is around 323.

I've known most peers in this sample test for at least couple of years. So I don't really know how well the Love Hack Score Matrix will help me in translating scores for new friends. But I think a few tweaks along the way is inevitable.

Just in time for this dating event I am going to attend this Saturday!

Missy Piggy

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Love Hack - How I Hack My Way Into Finding Love (Part 1)

At this point of this posting, nope, I have yet to find love.
But am I confident that I will find love one day? Hell yes!!!

So we have been reading TONS of relationship related articles, heard endless advices from married peers and nagging mums. How exactly do we find love for ourselves?!!! I don't know the answer for each and every individual but I think most of us fail to find love because we are not doing anything much apart from leaving the chance of our relationship in the hands of fate.

NOW I am not going to sit on my arse and wait for love to find me, I am going to give it an attempt to hack my way into love.

The two major points are:

1) Identify what I was looking for in a mate.
2) Develop my own algorithm and rules for love.

As you can sense by now, my thoughts about finding love has a lot to do with self awareness, defining yourself and identifying what you want. You have already won half the battle if you can list down in specifics, the traits you are looking for in a partner and give your best shot in trying to stick with your list (of course the list can be updated along the way)

So in the first part of my article, here's my list off the top of my head. Of course the guy doesn't have to meet all of them and some points might be a bit silly -

What are you looking for in a mate (in no particular order)
  1. He is honest
  2. He is positive
  3. Committed and faithful
  4. He is confident
  5. He understands and enjoys food. (live to eat, not eat to live)
  6. He cooks
  7. He is a traveler and has traveled to at least 3 continents
  8. Has a sense of humor
  9. He has true and close friendships
  10. He improves his physical health
  11. He knows the importance of family
  12. Balanced in life (life is not just about work work and work)
  13. He knows how to take care of himself
  14. He has a good and progressive career
  15. He weighs at least 10kg more than me at all times.
  16. He is interested in scuba diving
  17. He has temperance (moderate in action, thought, feeling and yup alcohol. Thinks before he acts)
  18. He wants to have his own family and wants kids
  19. He is intelligent and would challenge and stimulate me
  20. He understands the importance of personal space
  21. He listens
  22. He is respectful (to family, friends and strangers)
  23. He is financially savvy (knows how to take care of his money and budgeting)
  24. He is curious and adventurous about life
  25. He’s humble
  26. He knows how to occasionally let his hair down and enjoy life
  27. He is generous (not just monetary but also sharing his life and heart with his love ones)
  28. He has gratitude
  29. He seeks peace
  30. He provide guidance 
  31. He's driven 
  32. He's a good communicator
  33. He's a protector. He is able to and wants to take care of you
  34. He is in the same location (or has plans to be)
  35. He is sensitive enough to your emotions and acknowledges them.
  36. He is trustworthy
  37. He practices humility. (It’s much more admirable to find a man who can admit his wrongdoings, which in the end prevents plenty of arguments.) 
  38. He is down to Earth
  39. He is responsible
  40. He loves me for who I am, the way I am
  41. He will spend time with me
  42. He will encourage me
  43. He is proud of my accomplishments
  44. He will build me up and not tear me down
  45. He will make me feel secure and loved
  46. He doesn’t make me worry or fearful
  47. He is romantic
  48. He is passionate
  49. He is not too clingy
  50. He is mature
Long list I know!!

In the second part of my article, I will be prioritizing the list and ranking everything with a scoring system. There will of course be some deal breakers because certain things are quite important to me and I think it is critical to share some common traits for a relationship in a longer run.

I will then figure out a minimum score before I will agree to go out on a date or a different score to rank if the guy is a keeper.

This is a lot about me, me and me I know. But this is also an important exercise to find out a rough guide of what Missy Piggy looks for in a man.

Stay tune for part 2!

Missy Piggy

Saturday, July 5, 2014

How to Prepare for a Dating Event

It is sometimes stressful enough to go on a first date with a new guy, not to mention you are now potentially meeting a whole bunch of fresh face dudes!

So is there anything we need to do to prepare for a dating event? My thoughts will be why not. And here’s some quick tips 1-2-3.

1. Looking good
Neat or good looking hair but unsightly body hair is a big no-no.
Personal hygiene and smelling good – breathe and body (that is why deodorant and perfume is lucrative business) Yes, it’s scientifically proven that scent affects attraction so at least take a shower!

Wear something nice. Not too revealing, not too suffocating, balance and easy on the eye is key.

Have enough sleep so you don’t look like a wreck. So no late night partying the night before!

Pop a mint before the event!!!

2. Do some homework
You will be meeting a lot of new friends so you will be having TONS of conversations. Prepare yourself by reading up on interesting recent events or news happening locally or around the world.  

If you are going for a speed dating event, have a variety of punchline speeches that will make you stand out. Grab a friend over the phone to practice with him or her and get some feedback.

3. Feeling good
Remember to BREATHE. Be natural, be yourself. Watch your pace of your talking and make sure you are not shooting out words like an AK47. Think positive and have fun!

It is not end of the world, it is just meeting new friends so just chill, relax and enjoy yourself!!!

PS: I have signed up for my first dating event! It is an interactive hands-on ice cream making event and Love Express advertised that there will be lots of bonding opportunities. I'm keeping an open mind and wish me good luck!!

Missy Piggy

Friday, July 4, 2014

Survey Update

Just two days and we have 10 responses!!! Thank you my dear friends! I've sent to 11 of my peers and I think it's good enough for now to collate some information.

I have briefly scanned thru the results and can already see some valuable insights from all the feedback.

Now I need to find some time over this weekend or next to see if I can put some things together and I will share back hopefully very shortly!!

Missy Piggy

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